18 Aug 2007
News DXspedition
IK1WEG and IZ1DSH  Operating from Tavolara Island NEW ONE IOTA!!
25-26-27 May 2007
News DXspedition
The wevemasterteam operator   operating from Ischia Island (IC8TO)
25 to 28 SEPT.2006
News DXspedition
IS0KEB Member and operator of the two ships, the Ardito and Audace (ITALIAN NAVY)
03 March 2006
News DXspedition
Call IX1CNR                     iz1gcz-iz1bwo-iw1fsq-ik1dys  Activity from Aosta Valley     3550 mtsl                       
19 March 2006
News DC.I. activity
Call IQ1TO                       iw1fsq-iw1fgz-iz1gcz-iz1bwo-iz1dlx activity from        d.c.i.TO-103


D.C.I. TO-091

Castello di Cavour
November 2007

Op. iw1dqs Davide



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